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BoomTown Embeds BrokerMint For End-To-End Business Automation

BoomTown promoted the rollout of fully integrated office oversight capabilities at Inman Connect Las Vegas to an exhibit hall full of current and prospective users on Wednesday.

The last few years at BoomTown have been characterized by significant growth and feature expansion, such as personalized “Success Assurance” for all levels of user and, most notably, its 2021 acquisition of brokerage management solution Brokermint.

That purchase is now paying off with the roll out of fully integrated office oversight capabilities within a single user experience.

BoomTown promoted the product update at Inman Connect Las Vegas, to an exhibit hall full of current and prospective users.

“This enhanced integration is closing the loop on the real estate transaction process, and fostering ‘clients-for-life’ for our customers by enabling offices to manage their client relationships from first click to close, and deliver more value at every step,” BoomTown CEO Grier Allen said in a statement. “It eliminates inter-office inefficiencies, helps business owners identify opportunities, and creates a solid foundation for continued innovation between front office and back office.”

For brokerages frustrated by disintegrated technologies, the value of linking transaction data to the closing process is hard to deny, as it can help ensure accuracy in documentation, quicker close times and overall, tighter business practices.

“While agents, team leaders, and brokers utilize BoomTown’s lead generation and customer relationship management solutions, administrative teams can now work in the back-office solution, which handles everything from commissions, offers, and e-Signatures, to accounting, transaction management and reporting, and all information is seamlessly synced,” according to the statement.

BoomTown earned a five-star rating in an Inman technology review in 2015, largely on the merits of its lead assistance, which under the Success Assurance name, helps new and proven agents qualify leads and better understand who deserves their time. It also deploys features in both major mobile operating systems.

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