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BoomTown And Sisu Announce Formal, Customer-Driven Integration

In another deep technical integration among big-name industry players, users of performance coaching software Sisu can link BoomTown communications to their goals and dashboards.

Sisu, a platform for empowering real estate business through performance measurement, goal tracking and business data analysis, has announced a formal deep integration with popular marketing platform BoomTown.

Frank Felice, chief revenue officer of Sisu, said in an email to Inman that the collaboration has been in the works for about three months, and was driven in large part by market demand.

“We share a large percentage of mutual customers,” Felice said. “Forty diverse customer teams or brokerages were used during the [setup] process.”

That process, according to Felice, involved the groups reviewing and offering feedback on proposed feature documents and evolved into participating in a beta group for the integration.

The intent of the partnership will be to feed BoomTown’s omnichannel lead-gen, nurture and web marketing data into Sisu’s coaching and measurement tools, offering users a deep breakdown on what’s working well, what isn’t and where to focus for improvement.

Additionally, customers generated in and moving into the contract phase within BoomTown can be automatically synced with Sisu’s transaction management tools. Unless otherwise requested upon setup, the two-systems will communicate every five minutes.

“Top-producing agents, teams, and brokers ensure everything is measured, analyzed, and optimized in their businesses,” said Grier Allen, CEO and president of BoomTown in the press release. “We wanted to make that simpler and more seamless and help them leverage even deeper insights and tools without the need for duplicate entry.”

Specific BoomTown actions — phone calls, texts, emails and conversations — will feed Sisu’s performance tracking in-app leaderboards (including those published on in-office video monitors) and goal tracking charts for both individual agents and teams. At this time, ISA-inside sales agents-activity in BoomTown will not yet sync, but is expected to be a part of the integration’s next iteration.

BoomTown client records can also be accessed from within Sisu.

The integration will automatically handle the creation of transactions in Sisu when leads are classified as hot or pending, for example. It also allows discussions within BoomTown to enter Sisu; appointment data to sync between the applications; and closed deal data to flow freely between both systems.

Integrations between big players in proptech is becoming increasingly common, largely as a result of them targeting similar customers in their own sales efforts. Additionally, it’s common for brokerages to mimic competitors’ technology decisions, leading to the proliferation of similar tech products within similar markets.

It was reported in November that marketing/CRM solution Chime announced a “deep integration” with Brokermint.

Sisu is also working with Chime through its public API, but according to Felice, the Chime and BoomTown connections “are different and unique.”

Ylopo, a popular advertising technology for the real estate industry, has formalized relationships in place with a number of CRM and marketing solutions, including LionDesk and FollowUp Boss. In October, Ylopo integrated with Chime, too.

In many cases, these strategic integrations are made possible by companies publishing APIs, or application programming interfaces, a way for one system to pull-in data from another.

When the two systems want to put data to work in real-time to create a unique, two-way solution, deeper integrations, like Sisu and BoomTown, are required. Usually, these occur because of mutually influential customer groups, which leads to the increased chance of attracting similar customers.

Sisu has setup an extensive integration resource in its Knowledge Base.

There is no charge to setup or leverage the integration. Standard account costs for both Sisu and BoomTown remain.

Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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