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Blimp’s Blockchain Partnership To Incentivize Leads To Share Information

Deal-collaboration app Blimp has announced a partnership with Home Network Foundation, an organization using blockchain to decentralize the transaction, in a press release.

Deal-collaboration app Blimp has announced a partnership with Home Network Foundation, an organization using blockchain to decentralize the transaction and make the value of data equitable for all stakeholders, from consumers to title companies, in a press release.

Blimp is available for iOS (iPhone) and Android mobile operating systems. The app leverages two-way communication to invite, chat and share critical deal information and documents with all parties, including ancillary service providers. It offers task management to drive interactivity and arrive at transaction milestones.

Agents can work with buyers to schedule showings in the app’s listing browser and discuss and share offers with sellers.

Users of Blimp earn a Home Network Foundation Home token every time they engage with Blimp service providers. Service providers — listing and buyer’s agents, title agents, mortgage officers, etc. — earn a token each time an invited stakeholder becomes part of a transaction.

Tokens offer each user a component of value in the deal, thus spreading value horizontally across the transaction field.

Consumers earn Home tokens by contributing information to the Foundation, such as financial goals, lifestyle needs, and any type of information required for pre-approval or validation of a sales lead, according to a white paper published by Home Network Foundation.

Those tokens are considered a form of “reward” for the personal data entered into the greater real estate industry. Sellers and homeowners can also earn tokens by identifying themselves as owners of a particular property.

Blockchain technology presents a unique opportunity to fundamentally restructure and redistribute the value involved in transactions, the press release stated.

Blimp’s CEO and co-founder Matt Shaw said his company wants to create a new marketplace for leads and referrals.

“We are enabling a seamless end-to-end digital experience where the consumer is in control and reaps a fair reward for providing data,” Shaw said. “By powering the network with Home Token, consumers and professionals alike accrue benefits and become stakeholders.”

Home Tokens for users of Blimp will be facilitated through the Ethereum protocol.

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