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We spoke with Kimberly Cammarata, a Real Estate Advisor and member of the Gold Circle of Excellence with Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty, to see which software solutions have changed the game for her.

With numerous listings to keep track of, along with dozens of past and present clients, many luxury agents are burdened by administrative busywork and can’t focus on what matters most—namely, nurturing client relationships and closing deals. How do you automate these tasks and transform your real estate practice?

We spoke with Kimberly Cammarata, a Real Estate Advisor and member of the Gold Circle of Excellence with Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty, to see which software solutions have changed the game for her.

No two days are the same for a luxury agent. Are there solutions that you depend on consistently, no matter what the day may have in store?

Kimberly Cammarata: The first thing I do each morning is check my CRM app, Cloze. It’s like a personal assistant that helps me manage my professional relationships, automatically tracking my emails, phone calls, meetings, and social media platforms and organizing them by contact, company, meeting, and so on.

Throughout the day, Cloze assists with my pipeline. Then at night, I use it to update my calendar and set the stage for the next day. I’m able to see who I haven’t talked to in three to six months and who needs a follow-up. It syncs my calendar and text messages, ensuring my fallout ratio stays low. I appreciate the organization and clarity that comes with knowing that I’m staying in contact with everyone.

Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty

The luxury real estate market moves fast, especially today. How do you use software to streamline your workflows so you can keep up?

KC: I can quickly create impactful listing and buyer presentations on my tablet or computer with MoxiPresent, our interactive CMA tool. It’s my go-to for digital listing consultations and buyer tours, and the templates are fully customizable.

When I send out a presentation, it automatically updates the MLS data when the client opens it in their browser, and refreshes with new data every 15 minutes. MoxiPresent also automatically populates comparables for my buyers and sellers when I send them information.

You spoke of the importance of your CRM system. How else does it enable you to save time as a real estate agent and simplify your day?

KC: My CRM helps me stay in contact with incoming prospects and keeps them all organized for immediate access. It also provides the context I need before a meeting or call by analyzing details taken from my notes, documents, emails, and texts and reminding me of exactly where I left off.

Importantly, my CRM allows me to save all the contact information from the beginning of the transaction through to close. All my contact information is sorted in one place, which makes it a one-step process to store and locate the documents I need—for example, where the memo of sales needs to go to get the contract executed.

Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty

As you mentioned, MoxiPresent lets you share timely information with prospects. Are there other tools that assist with the listing process?

KC: The OneKey MLS system feeds our listings to all of the appropriate sites and services where we want them to populate. Knowing that my listings are going to the proper places at the right times has smoothed out the process tremendously.

What advice would you share with other agents who are overwhelmed with manual tasks? How can they start to modernize their approach?

KC: Invest the time to learn the tools your company provides, and invest the money to supplement them if additional tools are needed. My efficiency and bottom line have improved measurably, and my client relationships have deepened. When I reach out, my last text message with a client comes up, making it easy to catch up. I take notes about transactions, client details, and likes and dislikes, so I can provide personalized service every time.

I get at least 100 phone calls a day. It would be impossible to maintain the relationships I have with clients past and present without having the software to organize them.

Take a page from the technology playbook, and build a technology stack that streamlines and automates your most tedious, time-consuming tasks. Not only will you likely see a rapid ROI through enhanced efficiency and productivity, but your clients will benefit from having your full attention. At the end of the day, that’s what truly differentiates the luxury space, and it’s what today’s leading software solutions were designed for.

Kimberly Cammarata

As a trusted adviser and resource, Kimberly has built her reputation in the luxury Hamptons real estate market through her vast national and global network of affiliates, professionals, and high-net-worth individuals. Her innovative approach is enhanced by her collaborative team of skilled experts with strong backgrounds in construction, architecture and design, social media and digital marketing, finance, and contract negotiations.

Kimberly is committed to meeting her client’s needs and connecting them with their ideal home or investment while ensuring that every transaction is seamless. With the goal of making each buying and selling experience exceptional, her full service approach extends well beyond closing. Kimberly is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals, introducing them to the East End lifestyle and the benefits that come along with it.

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