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Attendees share: What I took away from Connect Now

Remember when you didn’t quite know how to use Zoom? Neither do we. It’s one of many technologies that have become second nature for the real estate industry.

Though the origins of Connect Now and all our virtual events were less than ideal, the upside has been unmistakable: Thousands of top-performing agents and brokers come together month after month to learn, grow, network and carry on with the business of real estate.

Connect Now events have become a monthly occurrence, and each month brings a new set of keynotes, breakouts, regional market deep dives, and tactical discussions. So we reached out to attendees to discover more about why they invest their time, month after month.

Connect Now April Attendees listened in as top market leaders shared what’s happening in their areas.

Marie Fellenstein Hale is with Corcoran Pacific Properties. “Connect Now is a wonderful way to get insight into trends that are happening around the country, as well as catch up on news you may have missed,” she told us. “You can learn about some of the latest technologies to help Realtors, as well as which ones people enjoy working with the most. I also find it inspiring and uplifting, and I also enjoy the chances for networking.”

As an indie broker, Elisa Bruno-Midili of Cafe Realty is “passionately rebellious” and prioritizes Connect Now for competitive differentiation. “Inman is the quintessential experience for independent brokerages,” she said. “The content is invigorating and thought-provoking. Cutting edge info and innovative thinkers all in one place! Bravo Brad Inman and staff for being an industry leader.”

Dené Sellers from KW Carlsbad came down with COVID-19 and worried it would impact her outlook as well as her ability to work. “COVID tried to get me down, but Inman lifted me up!” she said. “While I was feeling like I was getting so far behind, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to go to Inman. Thank goodness!” Sellers said that being able to connect, learn and grow made her days that much better. “Now, I am ‘negative’ for Covid, and I have never felt so positive ever!”

Learn more about attending the next Connect Now event, as well as our flagship, three-day events that are both virtual and in person. We can’t wait to hear what makes attending valuable for you.

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