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Applied Underwriters partners with sporting icons

“The high-net-worth space in personal lines property and casualty – and what is meant by this has really broadened out over the last five years – has consistently been productive for underwriters and investors,” Sahara said. “But most of the activity in this segment has been at the lower end. We’re focusing instead on the ultra-high-net-worth, who have become more and more underserved amidst the constant corporate reshuffling. We launched Applied Fine Art & Collections at the beginning of 2021 with the goal of building it into the preeminent brand in the space. For the first half of 2022, we’ve seen some solid premium and client growth.”

“Luke Donald and Michael Andretti both exemplify some of the fundamental values we share: ingenuity, innovation, hard work, precision, and the desire to win,” Menzies said. “But it goes much deeper than this – both professional golf and auto racing center on a solo player in an intense, win-lose contest. There’s no subjective judging, no extra points from social media. While each competitor is partnered with their support team, whose performance is critical in making or breaking the contest, in the end it’s the greatness of one individual’s drive to win and the extent of their ability to lead that carries the day.”

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“We created Treadwell as a consumer lifestyle brand catering to a very discerning clientele,” said Ron Fiamma, president of Applied Fine Art & Collections. “The very name Treadwell conveys our appreciation of our clients’ desire to move through life with style and grace. Our job is to preserve that quality of life by conducting business according to each of our clients’ unique vision and focusing on high-touch customer service, discretion and reliability.”

“Our fascination with greatness – that same greatness that drives Luke Donald and Michael Andretti to win – is what we have in common with our Treadwell clientele and their agents,” Menzies said. “How any player comports themselves, whether under the adversity of an unfortunate loss or in an intractable losing streak, or whether carried along by the momentum of a seemingly unstoppable run of victories, is the ultimate determinant of true greatness.”

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