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Alliance Group names new CEO

Alliance Group, a national insurance marketing organization, has announced Monday that it has appointed Lee Duncan as its new president and CEO. Duncan, previously the company’s chief marketing officer, will succeed founder and CEO John Craft.

“Lee has worn lots of hats for us, and if we’re being honest, he’s probably been playing the role of CEO for several years now,” said Alliance Group Chairman Jerry Stratton. “This thing has been in the long-term game plan for several years now, and it’s really personally fulfilling to watch Lee assume a role he’s been preparing for, literally, since the day he came on board 17 years ago.”

Duncan joined Alliance Group in 2003. The company said that he has played an integral role in its growth and development, from a production total of $8 million in 2003 to a record $45 million in 2019 – the eighth consecutive year of setting a new production record.

“We’ve come a long way, but we’ve got even loftier goals,” Duncan said. “I’m so proud of our team and what we’ve built together at Alliance Group, and this just represents the next chapter and the next challenge. I’m excited to get to work and continue the tradition of excellence that John Craft and Jerry Stratton have stamped into the DNA of this company.”

Craft, who founded Alliance Group in 1998, is retiring.

“John will always be a partner, a mentor, and a friend – his role in building this company from the ground up is what has made it possible for us to be where we are today,” Duncan said. “I’m humbled and honored to take that torch from him and lead this company into what is a very bright and promising future.”

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