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Never worry or wonder if you remembered to shut the garage door or lock the front door. With a system like, you can check in on a property remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

In these times, double down — on your skills, on your knowledge, on you. Join us Aug. 8-10 at Inman Connect Las Vegas to lean into the shift and learn from the best. Get your ticket now for the best price. turned a quaint little bungalow into a fully connected smart property so it’s crime-resistant, energy efficient, ultra-convenient and shows the world what a fully connected property really looks like.

Starting outside, a video doorbell will alert those inside the house, but it’ll also send a notification to the app on the phone so that whether you’re inside the house, you’re at work or you’re hundreds of miles away on vacation, you’re going to be notified. You can hop into a live view and see what’s going on at the property.

Since it’s a fully connected property you can lock and unlock the front door, open and close the garage door, turn on over 30 different lights in the property or even arm and disarm the security system. That’s one of the great benefits about having a fully connected system rather than individual products. 

Security cameras give visual verification of who’s on the property. The cameras are able to differentiate between people, animals and vehicles, providing smart notifications. Each of the cameras has two-way audio which allows the homeowner to talk to someone outside of the property.

Security is at the core of; the property is fully connected to a central monitoring station so if someone tried to break in, the authorities would be alerted through the monitoring station. Their systems can be armed or disarmed from either the panel or remotely through the app. 

Having a smart lock with unique codes and paired with security cameras helps monitor who’s coming and going. This is great if you have kids who are getting off the bus. You could give them their smart lock code, they push their code in, and then, if you’re at work, you can see a video clip of your kids walking in and out the door, knowing that it’s just them coming home. recently announced their award-winning and aesthetically pleasing thermostat which can locally adjust the temperature at the actual thermostat as well as within the app. Whether you’re at the office or in bed and don’t feel like getting up, you can remotely program the thermostat.

With a fully connected property and you can group individual products together all into one button — which they call scenes — so you don’t need to go and do everything separately. With scenes, we can just click one button and control a handful of items at once including fans, lights, locks, blinds and more. Scenes can also be triggered by voice control, for example turning on lights or adjusting the thermostat.

Water sensors connected throughout the home will immediately send a notification and can shut off the water completely using a smart water valve when a leak is detected. Sensors like these add to the peace of mind that comes with having a connected home.

Never worry about wondering if you remembered to shut the garage door or lock the front door. With a system like, you can check in on a property remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

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