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ACCESS: The must-have new digital tool top agents use to stay ahead of the competition

This time last year, no one had any idea that an unexpected transition to digital-only property tours would become the norm. Many scrambled to adjust, wondering how to navigate their business during a pandemic. Agents quickly discovered that a digital footprint was key to staying in front of buyers and sellers, but there was a missing link in the tech available.

The need: comprehensive, digital and completely customizable

With more than two decades of experience in real estate tech, the team at Agent Image saw the need for this innovative technology before anyone. In the fall of 2019, Agent Image Managing Partner Jon Krabbe and VP of Business Development Brian Shorr met with Julia Spillman, CEO of The Eklund Gomes Team, to discuss the development of a new product.

“[ACCESS] will ensure agents stay at the forefront” – Julia Spillman, CEO, Eklund Gomes

This product would revolutionize the game in real estate and put ‘the deal’ back into the hands of Realtors. The team envisioned a new platform to showcase virtual open houses and listing presentations while providing an on-brand comprehensive property guide for agents to present to their clients. It would be something the industry had never seen and would fulfill a need that had been growing for a while: how agents can stay at the forefront of real estate in an increasingly digital world.

ACCESS: How it works

Agent Image brought this idea to life by working in conjunction with The Eklund Gomes Team to design a user-friendly platform fully branded to fit their style. Tapping into the minds of agents from all experience levels, Shorr and his team of developers created a system designed to cater to the needs of real estate agents and their growing business.

“We wanted ACCESS to be for the agents by the agents. Which is why, from the beginning, we worked closely with agents of different levels to learn exactly what they needed and developed the platform to fit those needs.” – Brian Shorr, Vice President of Business Development, Agent Image

ACCESS is the first-ever truly Digital Listing Presentation™ and Digital Open House™ tool. It has proven so impressive that in an interview with Business Insider, Fredrik Eklund said, “The technology is even capable of tackling the sales industry as a whole.” The platform is completely brandable and fully customizable, with the ability to incorporate most digital real estate tools currently on the market.

“The goal with this was for the agent to feel ownership. Ownership of the data, of the process, and of the platform. We want them to have total control and to feel the platform is the control panel for their business. In the end, that should be limitless.” – Jon Krabbe, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Agent Image

Agents who attend Inman Connect January 26-28, 2021 are able to join the real estate A-list for a special first look at ACCESS by Agent Image. A discussion with the creators will dive deeper into the software and attendees will get the chance to sign up for updates and launch information. ACCESS is projected to officially launch in March of 2021.

Learn more about ACCESS and its features.

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