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“A unique intersection of talent and experience” – what it takes to thrive in insurance

Srinivasan is the executive vice president for distribution at Arch Insurance Group, a position she’s held since 2020. In that role, she head’s up the company’s distribution strategy and manages broker engagement.

Srinivasan told IBA that her broad industry experience meant she was well-prepared to face the challenges of the role.

“We recently implemented a new initiative to deliver more efficient and effective services and solutions to both our external and internal customers,” she said. “We developed individual broker engagement plans that closely align with both the broker and Arch business priorities.

“Because of my professional background as a broker, I was able to direct the team to develop a more robust and efficient engagement model with our external partners. My consultative feedback, insight and lived experience were instrumental to the overall framework. My perspectives as a broker were instrumental to building this tailored approach.”

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Srinivasan is also passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in the insurance industry. She is a member of the Association of Professional Insurance Women and The Bridge.

“My perspective as a woman of color in leadership and in a business-facing role distinguishes me significantly from my peers,” she said. “Additionally, my analytical background, underwriting and broker experiences provide me a unique intersection of talent and experience that sets me apart.

“Because of who I am and what I’ve achieved over the course of my professional journey, my ideas and solutions are broader in scale. I solve problems differently, and my ideas and insights are distinct from others at the table. This has been invaluable as the industry is changing as well. Our partners and stakeholders are becoming more diverse in all areas of the business.”

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