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A strategic approach to marketing to past homeowners

With the shifting economy and increasing days on the market, a lead nurturing strategy that educates and provides value to home buyers and sellers is critical. For home buyers, agents typically utilize inventory alerts to drive online engagement. The online strategy for homeowners (who are future listings) has remained fragmented.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that 90% of homebuyers claim they would use their agent again. That’s an extremely high number, which doesn’t result in actual repeat business when a 2022 NAR report states that only 16% of the typical Realtor business comes from repeat clients.

Even in a changing market, consumers have life events prompting them to transact. Successful agents and teams who have nurtured their database will be in the right place at the right time. When you begin your seller nurture strategy, here are three key questions you should ask when evaluating your strategy.

1) What do homeowners want from you?

One-to-one relationship building is vital in long-term nurture. As an agent, you should have a database you regularly call to maintain a connection. A value-add email cadence should also be part of your strategy to help supplement phone calls to past clients.

When engaging with homeowners, you should focus on relevant information and how it impacts their equity. When designing an email strategy, focus on home estimates, recently sold properties within their market area, and more. The emails should drive clients to a unique landing page with more information and include different calls to action to prompt the homeowner to connect with you.

2) How do homeowners connect with you?

It’s not just about the information. It’s also important to remove points of friction when clients are ready to communicate with you. When designing a cadence of emails to homeowners, focus on ways to generate value and drive repeat visits. By doing so, you elevate yourself as a market expert and become the first call when homeowners are ready to list.

3) How does your technology platform make this easier for you?

Many agents deploy a Frankenstein’s monster approach, stitching together technologies to capture and nurture potential sellers. Multiple solutions can be challenging to manage and can waste time and money. Enter HomePulse powered by Etta, a value-focused homeowner nurture tool providing a home estimate, local insights, market trends, and home equity/finance tools.

CINC provides HomePulse to all clients allowing an integrated approach from lead generation, home search, and nurture within one CRM/conversion platform. 20% of homeowners request more information from the real estate agent after viewing their HomePulse report. This approach reduces the multi-solution plan that creates friction points and diminishing results.

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