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A new forms experience for agents and brokers

Here at SkySlope, we are dedicated to the notion that real estate success is built on relationships. Last year alone we helped 257,000 customers manage 2.2M transactions through our platform. SkySlope’s streamlined technology removes the manual, time-consuming processes so agents and brokers can better serve their customers. Our vision is to keep agents and brokers connected to their customers forever.

And we are relentless in asking how we can do this even better.

Recently, this question helped us uncover a pretty big problem. Agents are frustrated with how complex and repetitive the transaction process has become. With the ever-increasing number of forms and fields to complete and compliance becoming more complicated, agents are spending the majority of their time juggling the paperwork (and less time connecting with their clients).

Agents want to be a trusted advisor and stay closely engaged with their clients throughout the transaction. However, this is even more difficult as they juggle different areas of their workflow through disparate software products and devices. Meanwhile, tech giants with endless access to automation, consumer data, and artificial intelligence tools threaten the role of the agent and put them at risk of losing repeat business.

Agents need tools that help them be more efficient, more accurate, and improve their workflow. This was a familiar story. After all, we solved this problem for brokers and admins.

Through extensive customer research, deep industry knowledge, and our experience building innovative technology, we built SkySlope Forms, a modern and powerful forms product. This product will drastically improve the agent experience so they can spend less time shuffling paperwork and more time providing value to their buyers and sellers.

A quick look under the hood

We designed SkySlope Forms alongside agents and were obsessed with how each agent approaches managing and sending forms.

Straightforward navigation, user-friendly features, and onboarding tours help agents get up and running quickly. Data is pulled from the MLS and synced across all documents. Fields are mapped across forms to reduce duplicate data entry. When forms are prepared, sent out, and signed, they automatically come back into our transaction management platform, reducing the extra steps of downloading and uploading forms.

Together we built a flexible, simple, and robust system that fits into an agent’s workflow rather than forcing them through a rigid and limiting interface. As one customer simply stated, “SkySlope Forms helps ensure all your documents are added. It’s time-saving and easy to use.”

A reliable and seamlessly integrated signature tool is essential for getting work completed swiftly on-the-go. With SkySlope Forms, users receive early access to our newly redesigned digital signature tool, SkySlope DigiSign. Now sleeker and smarter, DigiSign perfectly fits within SkySlope Forms making preparing, sending, and signing documents more cohesive and effortless for agents.


Our work doesn’t stop there. We continue to work with agents on adding features and shortcuts to ensure Forms moves their work into hyperdrive. With intelligent integrations, SkySlope Forms can be accessed from within other platforms like a CRM or email client. The more we are able to apply intelligent automation, data propagation, and algorithms, the more we help real estate professionals work smarter.

While some providers have digital forms and transaction management, they miss when it comes to compliance. Other providers have forms and compliance but their transaction management is cumbersome and inefficient. SkySlope brings together all three with industry-leading transaction management, peace-of-mind compliance, and a comprehensive forms product. Agents can spend less time bouncing between and chasing down disparate software applications and now use the one tool they’ve been waiting for.

Learn more about SkySlope Forms.

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