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6 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Daily Client Communications

We’re all doing business from behind our screens this year, but that doesn’t mean we should give up the relationship element of a real estate transaction. Here’s how to add a human touch to your communication.

Technology is quickly becoming essential in our day-to-day lives, but at the end of the day, we all know that the real estate transaction and business is built around relationships. Technology can certainly help our daily relationships — but it’s not meant to replace them. 

As an avid technology user, I came up with a quick list for you to consider when using technology to communicate with your clients. These tips will help you add a personal touch to your transactions.

1. Make testimonial asks personal

We should all be asking for testimonials toward the end of our transaction. But why send the same boring email to each of your clients?

Try including a personal message or a photo you took of your clients during the transaction in your testimonial request. If you don’t have a photo of them, find one on social media, or send a picture of their new home in your email.

2. Add your own photos

When creating event pages, community content or invitations, make sure to use your own photos to advertise these happenings. You can even tag your friends in the photos to boost exposure and encourage engagement about the previous event.

3. Highlight your team

Don’t just send real estate content in your email campaigns, newsletters and social media. Add a personal touch by highlighting a member of your team or office.

You can also mark and share engagements, baby announcements and other personal news. Remember, the transaction is about relationships, so share your accomplishments, too! 

4. Partner with local businesses

Find ways to highlight local companies or businesses where you can. Don’t forget to tag them and ask them to share the posts, too. You can do this through partnerships with local businesses, community reviews or even when you’re just trying out a new place to eat or drink.

5. Use technology to get to know people

Before making a call for work, do your homework on their social media life. What events do they attend? What kind of photos have they posted in the past? Mention these during the call if you can. It shows that you care and are participating — and that this isn’t just a sales call.

6. Engage with your sphere

Don’t just post photos of your properties or market stats on social media. Mix in content that shows what makes you — well, you. Include photos of your pets, create quizzes for random holidays, and repost inspirational posts.

You’ll be surprised how much engagement you get when you aren’t just the annoying person who posts about their business. 

If you find ways to incorporate your personal touches when using technology, it will help your messaging come across as more authentic and personal. This can lead to awesome conversations with your clients, more deals and better long-term relationships.

Angelica Olmsted is a real estate agent with Team Denver Homes of RE/MAX Professionals in Denver, Colorado. Connect with her on Instagram or LinkedIn

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