6 simple ways to take action in your financial life without hurting your long-term goals

Think about what you can control

If you’re saving for retirement, you may be able to control how much you save or how long you can save (if you have a retirement date in mind). If you’re retired, you may be able to adjust the percentage of your portfolio you withdraw during a market downturn.

Your spending habits are within your control too. Of course, it’s probably not realistic to expect that you’ll start clipping coupons, switch to generic brands, and skip your afternoon coffee run all at once. Try cutting down your spending in just one area at a time to see what works best for your life.

We recognize that this is your portfolio, and you control your asset mix. We don’t recommend changing your asset mix in response to market movement, but if you’re determined to make a change to your portfolio, make it a small one. Some examples of small things you can do: Direct one of your stock funds’ investment earnings to a bond fund, or change the asset mix of a single account rather than your entire portfolio.

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