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5 Simple Ways Agents Can Improve Their Online Presence

At Connect Now, social media strategist Chelsea Peitz broke down how agents can utilize the “5 S” strategy to amp up their digital presence.

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During an Inman Connect session on Tuesday, real estate marketing and social media expert Chelsea Peitz gave a 20-minute tutorial on how agents can improve their online engagement.

She broke down the “5 S” strategy for making content that connects with the community and converts users into potential clients.


Real estate professionals need to make sure they are making their online profiles as searchable as possible. 

Peitz suggests agents have words like ‘realtor’ and ‘real estate’ in their online bios. They should also include location specific terms, their brokerage’s name and their team’s name. 

“A lot of consumers aren’t going to say ‘Instagram I’m looking for a house.’ But they might be interested in things that are going on in their local community,” Peitz said. 

An example of a strong ‘About’ section on LinkedIn.

When it comes to posts on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, Peitz suggests using keywords as hashtags.

For Youtube, TikTok, Facebook Pages and Instagram stories, adding closed captions and text to videos can help get a post picked up by the algorithm.

“A lot of viewers are choosing to consume content without sound,” Peitz said.

If a platform does not have built in captions for videos, Peitz said there are a variety of free softwares to use like Captions: Speak to the Camera

Shareable and Savable

If you’re creating content that other people want to share in their community, or want to save to come back to, it means that it was really valuable to them,” Peitz said. 

In order to have content shared and saved, agents needs to make sure their accounts are public.

The more times an agent’s content gets circulated around the internet, the more popular and recognizable their brand becomes. 

When creating content, Peitz said agents should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Is this helpful?
  • Is this motivational, inspirational and/or emotional?
  • Does this align with your brand?
  • Does it build credibility and authority in your niche? 

Content ideas from Chelsea Peitz.


Peitz said agents should take advantage of the ‘stories’ feature on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. When making stories, they should show their followers what they do behind the scenes by documenting how they land listings, prepare open houses, and/or find properties for their buyers.

In the stories, Peitz suggests using the word “You” opposed to “I” because it brings the audience into the narrative. 

Start conversations 

Engaging with posts and profiles online is a great way agents can boost their visibility. 

Peitz suggests commenting on posts, asking questions and sending direct messages. 

Peitz asked, “Are you spending more time creating content, or are you spending more time commenting?”

For her, commenting is the priority. Not only does it reduce the content stress, but it allows an agent to connect directly with their community online.

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