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5 Simple (But Effective) Tips For Stepping Up Your Real Estate Game

Developing confidence in your abilities and high-level knowledge of your marketplace will turn you into the sort of professional most clients seek out. Here are a few habits to adopt.

The challenges that this past year brought (and this year continues to bring) taught us that, to thrive in our industry, we have to keep trying to step up our game. Now’s the time to take your business to the next level, which means more customers converted to clients, more clients celebrating sales, and most importantly, more of you being your best self.

Developing confidence in your abilities and high-level knowledge of your marketplace will make a huge difference in how you conduct your life and career this year. So, if you want to raise your profile in real estate, here are five simple ways to go about it.

1. Dress for success

Now, maybe it’s the millennial in me, but when I hear the words “dress for success,” I don’t necessarily think of wearing a suit five days a week and my shirt tucked in on the weekends. However, when that phrase is used (at least in the past), it seemed to be exactly that.

Dressing for success can mean a lot of things, but simply put, it just means: Give thought to what you’re wearing, and make the effort to not only look presentable but also professional.

As Josh Altman described in his book It’s Your Move, suits for him are almost like a second skin, giving him the confidence to take on the day with a mindset that allows him to be at the top of his game.

Whether that’s a suit for you, a pair of nice jeans and a button-up shirt, or even shorts, take pride and feel good in what you’re wearing. It will help you exude confidence and better conquer the days ahead.

2. Level up your content 

With millennials being the largest buying market currently in the U.S., you’ve got to step up your game with clean and crisp content. Blurry property photos and profile thumbnails from over 10 years ago simply won’t do.

Be current in putting out engaging media and information that not only looks good but is also actually worthwhile to consume. Whether it’s a blog on new developments popping up, a live video Q&A or photos from that amazing property you just toured, make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing and informative.

People who are interested in what you have to say will not only be drawn to your content, but they may even get the word out to others as well.

3. Get out of your comfort zone

There’s a lot of things in life we may not want to do, but a number of them will make us stronger as individuals and even better at our craft. If public speaking makes you nervous, take an improv class or a communications seminar.

Wanting to expand your network and meet new people? Volunteer at local events, or take up some art lessons. What you’ll discover is that if there’s something you’re wanting to improve upon (maybe a skill or trait) as you continue your career in real estate, there’s always a resource available to help you do just that. It’s up to you to take the first steps in getting out of your comfort zone.

4. Study your market 

There’s this unique assurance you get when you just know what you’re doing. It’s almost like that very thing becomes second nature, giving you an unwavering confidence and ability to discuss whatever it is.

It’s the feeling you should have when it comes to your market. If you want to be a heavy hitter and a top producer and bring value to conversations with clients and other professionals, you’ve got to eat, sleep and breathe real estate.

Taking a deep dive in touring as much inventory as possible, staying current with local market statistics and keeping tabs on upcoming new developments will only enhance your presence in your local marketplace.

5. Be intentional, and rise early 

I truly believe the early bird gets the worm, and rising early does wonders! On his YouTube channel, Ryan Serhant, star of Million Dollar Listing New York, talked about the benefits of rising early and how it mentally prepares him for the day ahead. 

It’s those extra few hours — allowing for that crack-of-dawn workout and checking off those tedious emails — that can make all the difference in how efficient your day is and how effective you are in navigating it.

This gives you a chance to finish early working in your business and instead start working on new business. Being intentional about what you want to accomplish makes it that much more real, and rising early makes it that much more possible. 

Implementing these five tips into your week may seem daunting at first, but they will get easier over time. Try starting with one or two and adding in the others soon after.

Once you get a solid routine going, they’ll start to become habits. The knowledge you’ll gain and the confidence you’ll build will make you a more valuable professional and will truly help to raise your profile in real estate.

Anthony West is a real estate agent, the founder of The Luxury Life KC at Moffitt Realty, and an entrepreneur in Kansas City.

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