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5 Airbnb Options That Are Cheaper Than This $143 A Night Storage Unit

Short-term rental owners were surprised to find a container without windows and 3 bunk beds brought in that much rent. “Jesus Christ,” wrote one short-term rental investor, “someone has done it.” Here are five Airbnb options that are cheaper than that.

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Earlier this week, a community of short-term rental owners started sharing an intriguing new listing on Airbnb.

With space for six in the northern New Hampshire region known for its snowmobiling and mountain activities, “The Bunkhouse” turned heads for the finer details of the listing.

The tin-clad, showerless storage container with no plumbing technically offers a roof over guests’ heads for $143 a night. Guests are encouraged to bring their own water if they need more than the one gallon provided for coffee and tea plus 20 gallons that they can heat in the microwave and dump into the “shower bucket.”

This is a place where guests won’t be distracted by their phones all day. There’s no Wifi.

The property is BYOL, bring your own linens including bedding, pillows and towels.

After a long day of romping around the mountains, get ready to climb up into your self-supplied bunk bed. Just be prepared `to set an alarm to let you know it’s morning since there’s very little way to know it’s light outside.

Reactions to the listing ranged from suggestions that it was an illegal unit to admiration from investors for the owner’s ability to charge $143 for a storage unit.

“This should be illegal. (And probably is illegal.),” wrote one Twitter user who shared the listing this week.

“Now that’s a windowless bedroom that’s even a bridge too far for me,” wrote Bobby Fijan, founder of Form Developers in Philadelphia.

“Jesus Christ,” wrote short-term rental investor Allen Meringolo, “someone has done it.”

The growth of demand for short-term rentals has clearly pushed some hosts and investors to get creative about the types of spaces they provide.

Airbnb has answered in turn by adding new ways for travelers to find unique listings.

Here are five options that — like The Bunkhouse — get creative with their use of space and surroundings.

The Targhee Tiny House: $101 a night

Courtesy of the Airbnb Photographer Community

The Targhee Tiny House is listed as a three-bedroom space in Driggs, Idaho, a community known for having spectacular views of the Teton mountain range.

The owner says the home sleeps six, although space might be cramped for some.

For those who like plumbing and windows, know that the Targhee Tiny House does have a kitchen, running water, windows and heat.

Hermitage Refuge, on an island: $98 a night

Courtesy of the Airbnb Photographer Community

For the paddlers and nature lovers out there, this Airbnb offers guests a chance to stay on an island in Quebec for $98 a night.

The two-bedroom home on stilts promises privacy and a return to a rustic lifestyle.

Rustic means no Wifi, no electricity, a dry toilet, wood stove and kitchenette.

Harvest Haus: $131 a night

Courtesy of the Airbnb Photographer Community

Speaking of rustic, this off-the-grid gardener’s home in Slocan, Canada, gives guests the ability to stay in a cabin that promises not to offer typical creature comforts.

“Although off grid, there are all comforts and amenities available,” the listing says. “Fire pit, covered deck and sun deck. There is a propane fridge, composting toilet and gardens.”

UFO Park & Capsule: $23 a night

Courtesy of the Airbnb Photographer Community

Are you extremely into aliens? Maybe you’re a huge fan of the hit 1982 movie “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” or a big Steven Spielberg buff.

Depending on where you live, you’d have to be if you wanted to make the trip to this homage to the movie and all things otherworldly.

This unique Airbnb listing would require a trip to Java, Indonesia, for a stay in any one of these one-bedroom pods with a shared bathroom. At $23 a night, maybe it will help you eat the cost of travel.

Traditional Nordlandshus: $111 a night

Courtesy of the Airbnb Photographer Community

For those looking to go where the sun doesn’t shine, try spending a winter night at this Traditional Nordlandshus.

Nestled above the Arctic Circle, guests are invited to explore the dark side in this traditional Norwegian cabin for $111 a night.

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