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4 Client Questions Every Team Member Should Be Prepared To Answer

How you respond to clients matters. When you can answer their questions with confidence and clarity, they will put their trust in you and your team to do the best job possible. Here are a few common questions clients will — at one point or another — ask you.

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Have you ever been asked a question by a client that you didn’t know the answer to? We’ve all been there. 

Clients will always have questions, and as their real estate guide, you need to answer them with confidence and clarity. That’s why you need to be prepared to answer these four common questions when they arise.

1. ‘Will I be working with you or a team?’

When you’re on a team, there is no doubt that clients will ask you if they’ll be working with you directly or with the entire team. Your answer will differ depending on how your team works.

It’s understandable why this question is at the forefront of your clients’ minds. It’s difficult to get comfortable and click with an agent, and then see someone new every time after the initial meeting.

Take the time to assure your clients they are getting the best possible service — no matter how your team works. If your team works together, make sure you take the time to introduce your clients to everyone who will be working with them directly.

It’s also important to frame your team as an extension of your abilities. Let your clients know that your team will give them more resources and assistance to ensure they find their dream home or have the ultimate listing experience.

2. ‘What are your qualifications?’

Clients will always want to know what your qualifications are as a real estate agent, but this question is even more important when you’re on a team. They’ll want to know why they should feel more at ease with you and why you’re the team member to deal with their circumstances.

This is why it’s crucial for you to keep a mental note of all your qualifications, skills and accomplishments, and be ready to back them up with your experiences.

It’s no secret that agents learn through experiential learning on the job. The more sales you’ve completed, the more you know. But even if your sales aren’t the highest statistic you have, you can leverage the courses and seminars you’ve attended to prove your knowledge and qualifications in the real estate industry.

Don’t forget to mention any awards or recognitions you’ve received, and talk about any other skills or courses you’ve taken that give you a greater ability to serve your clients.

3. ‘What about your experience?’

Similar to qualifications, it’s important to your clients that you have a history rich in experience. It’s important for them to know the ratio between buyers and sellers that you’ve represented.

If you’re selling their home, they will expect you to have more listing experience. If your history does show more experience on buying side rather than selling, don’t let this sway their opinion.

You can let your clients know that you do have experience in listing homes, and explain how these processes took place in detail so you can grow their confidence in choosing you.

Make sure you also use your team’s ratios to show that even if you, as one agent, don’t have a significant amount of listings, your team has a huge advantage because of their collective number of listings.

4. ‘What are your team’s systems and strategies?’

A common question is what your team’s systems and strategies are, and how they help clients in their buying or selling process. That’s why you need to be well-versed in your team’s systems, processes, strategies and scripting.

A buyer will want to know what system your team uses to find homes, how many homes you typically take clients through before they find their dream house, and how competing works.

A seller will want to know what marketing strategies your team will use to market their home. Which method does your team focus on? Is it paper or digital? Will your team provide a photographer, and what systems will your team use to ensure your home sells?

When you can answer your clients’ questions with ease and clarity, they will put their trust in you and your team to do the best job possible. 

By reading up on these four questions, you have put yourself at a greater advantage to garner more clients with the knowledge and confidence of an experienced real estate professional.

Kathleen Black is the CEO of Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Connect with her on Instagram at @kathleenblackcoaching or through her website ItTakesa.Team.

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