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3 Tried-And-True Ways To Keep Your Business Hot This Winter

Whether you’re quarantined with your family, working from home or stuck in the cold, here’s how you can keep your business hot and buzzing through the winter months.

Warm up your engines, folks. We are heading into the home stretch, and the other side of the pandemic will soon be within reach. The winter months may traditionally be considered “downtime” in the real estate industry, but let’s be honest — most of us don’t even know what downtime means!

So, don’t get too cozy in front of that fireplace. Keep your laptops charged, your phones plugged in and your sneakers on. We are about to talk about the best things you can do to keep your business rolling hot through the remaining winter months. 

1. Find your brand’s footing

Are you a new agent? Or are you a seasoned agent? It doesn’t matter. With the lack of inventory out there, buyers are clawing over each other to get the home of their dreams. In this market, all agents must bring their A game, provide better than stellar customer service, and still keep up with all the details we pride ourselves in knowing.

So how exactly do you differentiate yourself from the next agent? It’s time to get your brand on! Now, I don’t necessarily mean you need to go out and get a shiny new logo or anything. Many agents have been extremely successful without having anything other than their name and their broker logo on everything.

When I say “brand yourself,” I mean find something you can be remembered for. Maybe you can become the local agent who always volunteers at the animal shelter and does animal fundraisers. The one who just falls in love with all their clients’ animals because, well, that’s genuinely who you are.

Or maybe you are the agent who loves cars and holds an annual car show fundraiser where your clients can network, celebrate and you can thank them for working with you. With this branding example, you would frequently share the coolest cars and history tidbits on social media.

Whatever your genuine interests are, think big, and find a way to make yourself known for it. Become branded, but brand honestly, and you will begin to attract the right people — the people you will work best with. Use this inspiration to create some social media posts and touch-point emails reaching out to your past clients, potential clients and warm market. 

2. Be vocal on social media

Are you showing tons of houses? Even if you don’t have buyers to work with, you can still do some agent walkthroughs and get to know the local market. Letting your network know you are hard at work and you have just seen an amazing property not only reminds them you are an agent, but it gets them curious.

You know something they don’t. You know what their neighbors’ house looks like! The décor, the amenities, the high-end appliances (or lack thereof). Creating chatter and enticing some organic interactions in your social platforms is a great way to stay top-of-mind. The more often you are top-of-mind, the more referrals will find their way back to you.

3. Get out there

You may be wondering — what do my sneakers have to do with any of this? Only everything! Have you not noticed people becoming more active, taking more walks and making use of the newest cycling craze?

Yes, physical activity can not only be good for your health, it can also be good for your business. Athletic communities where you meet in person — or during COVID-19 days, online — can generate some unexpected connections and start friendships based on mutual interests. 

Working out together in these live, on-demand platforms creates healthy competition and camaraderie that can create some helpful connections on personal and business levels.

So, whether you’re quarantined with your family, working from home or stuck in the cold, keeping your business heated through the winter months can be easier than you think. Owning your brand, staying vocal on your social media platforms and keeping fit with your friends are just a few ways to keep your professional face visible and expand your network to keep your business hot and healthy through the winter.

Mayleene DeFreece is the director of communications and professional development at Reading-Berks Association of Realtors in Wyomissing and Reading, Pennsylvania. Connect with her on LinkedIn

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