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3 Tips For Wrapping Up 2020 On A Positive Note With Your Team

As we enter into a new year, it’s important to review your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and adapt accordingly. Here’s how to prepare your agents to close out 2020 with energy and positivity.

While the fourth quarter typically signals a slowdown in real estate, this year has been far from typical. As we quickly approach the end of an up-and-down, tumultuous year, some teams may be feeling burned out and unmotivated.

That’s why, here, we’ve outlined three tips to boost your energy and set your team up for great success in 2021 — no matter what it brings.

2020 in review

Take a look at each quarter of the past year and how the team performed. What areas of the business did you excel at, and what areas didn’t meet your expectations? It’s important to analyze what’s working, what isn’t and where you need to double down in the last quarter of the year.

In addition to reviewing your business transactions, see what marketing strategies were a hit. In lieu of open houses, what digital tools and virtual strategies were most effective? If you’ve noticed something that’s working well, do more of it.

On the other hand, if there are initiatives that weren’t as successful (even though you’ve truly dedicated the time and effort), consider shifting your focus elsewhere. The point of this team exercise is to better determine where to devote your time, money and energy for 2021.

Connect with the old and new

Now that holiday season is upon us and the year is coming to end, it’s the perfect time to connect with your network and wish them well as you enter a new year.

Organizing your client list can take time, so don’t leave this task to the last minute. Have your team set aside a few hours together to review your existing client list. Make sure to keep it updated with new clients, custom notes and any other transaction details that will be important to reference when connecting with them in the future.

Your client database is one of the most important parts of the business, so don’t skimp when it comes time to keeping it updated and organized. The fourth quarter is a wonderful time to connect with your longtime clients as well as those you have recently collaborated with.

Set 2 goals — not 1

To close out 2020 on a high note, set a goal-making session with your team. Since we always strive to better ourselves, we all set two goals for the fourth quarter.

Sit down with your team members, and ask them how they want to finish the year. How many calls will you make each week? Are you planning to join any virtual networking or professional development sessions? Encourage your team to set the bar high for closing sales volume, gross commission income and other transaction targets to end this year.

The second goal should look at how your team wants to kick off 2021. Review the goals you all set as a team together last year. Analyze your team’s strengths in 2020 and how you can replicate those again this year. Whatever your goals are for the new year, make sure to put them up on display so the whole team can visualize them on a regular basis.

As we enter into a new year, it’s crucial to review your strengths and weaknesses, and adapt accordingly. Prepare your agents to close out this year with all the energy and positivity they can muster. By doing this, your team members will get a fresh start to meet all their goals — and so much more.

David Parnes is a director at The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with him on InstagramJames Harris is a director at The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with him on Instagram.

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