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3 Digital Marketing Strategies You’ll Need As A Real Estate Agent In 2021

Next year will be the year of eye-catching content. Here are a few ways to drive more eyeballs to your listings and get the exposure needed to elevate your business.

With 2021 right around the corner, now is the time for real estate professionals to make sure they’re incorporating the latest marketing tools in their business. More homebuyers are conducting their home search online than ever, so creating digital content is crucial for all real estate agents.

By incorporating new digital marketing strategies, you’ll better stand out from the competition, especially as we continue to navigate business virtually through the coronavirus pandemic. I’ve outlined three digital marketing tips I recommend real estate professionals to consider as the countdown to the new year begins.

1. Enhance your website

For 2021, shift focus from your printed marketing materials, and take a good look at your website. These days, prospective buyers are scrolling through the internet when searching for a real estate agent and their latest properties for sale.

Without a strong, well-designed website, you’re missing out on potential leads. Make sure your brand is front and center on your website, too. By making your brand visible on your page, you’ll create better cohesion throughout all of your marketing materials.

In addition to ensuring your online website has all relevant information — think: contact details, new listings, recent sales and so on — it’s really important that you make sure your website is mobile-optimized and easy to use.

2. Consider an app

This year, during the rise of COVID-19, we took our website design and paired it with an incredible new property search platform. This advancement and major website update has allowed for real-time collaboration with our clients and a high level of visibility into our client’s searches.

We also developed a mobile app for our clients. This enables them to communicate with us and continue their home search on their phones while they’re on the go. Ensuring your website and apps are optimized and easy to view on smaller screens will help potential clients find you, and will bring them back to your site for their next property search.

3. Virtual tours 2.0

Even more than this past year, virtual tours are going to become an absolute staple for 2021. The need (and often ability due to COVID-19 restrictions) to tour a property is no longer a requirement for homebuyers.

As we enter into a new year, it will be essential to include a well-produced walkthrough video of all listings to optimize homebuyers’ searches. Virtual tours will also help drive traffic to both your website and social media platforms, and ultimately increase your SEO.

Your videos need to be compelling and of a high cinematic quality. Take them to the next level with technology like 3D cameras or drones to better show off your listing’s interiors, exteriors and aerial views.

Tutorials and video-editing software will also elevate the quality and cohesive flow of your tour. At The Agency, we’ve held numerous webinars with our team of experts to help agents create engaging video tours and maximize the ways they can promote the content on their platforms.

By providing your audience with well-executed digital marketing, you will drive more eyeballs to your listings and get the exposure needed to elevate your business.

2021 will be the year of eye-catching content. Digital marketing will help you forge an emotional connection with your digital audience and help put a face to your brand. By implementing these three tools into your marketing plans, you can expect to make a long-lasting impression into the new year.

Mauricio Umansky is the founder and CEO of The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with him on Instagram.

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