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3 Assets High-Net-Worth Homebuyers Want In (All) Luxury Real Estate

These three facets of home design are critical to high-net-worth buyers now, and they will be into the future, says founder and CEO of The Agency Mauricio Umansky.

Bowling alleys and candy walls were once the benchmarks for luxury amenities in ultra-high-end homes. Since COVID, what defines a luxury home has completely changed.

Real estate markets across the nation experienced record-level activity. People living in penthouses with beautiful glass walls in major cities sought family compounds outside metro areas that offered more room and access to the outdoors. Space, wellness and home entertainment all became the most fashionable luxury. 

This shift in mindset is here to stay, and these three facets of home design are critical to high-net-worth buyers now and into the future.


Technology in the home has become state of the art and a top priority for buyers today. With the touch of a button, homeowners can unlock their doors, set the home’s temperature (even from afar) and control their entire home security system. 

The interconnected technology within luxury homes today provides high-net-worth buyers with a more comfortable, economical, entertaining and safe environment, which is very appealing, especially if this is their third, fourth or fifth properties.

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Technology in homes today offers ultimate convenience and ease of access. Developers and home designers are including the latest built-in automation devices in their projects, and these tech applications are the new gold standard. 

Additionally, AI technology is entirely elevating smart devices. Today, it’s being seen in a range of home devices, from facial recognition in security systems to refrigerators’ computer vision algorithms predicting what is low and even making the grocery order themselves. The convenience of new home technology makes it a top-ticket item for luxury homeowners today.

Outdoors spaces with fresh air

With much of 2020 spent at home, suped-up outdoor spaces became an ultra-luxury amenity. High-end buyers are seeking a property that offers easy access to their home’s private gardens, pool-side kitchens, sports courts and more. 

Today’s outdoor kitchens have features you’d see in a chef’s kitchen, including top-of-the-line grills, oversized sinks, stone-covered prep areas, upscale food and drink refrigerators, and lavish seating areas for alfresco dining. 

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Luxury buyers today want their backyard to resemble a five-star resort. They are seeking multiple outdoor areas to gather with everything from custom-built fire-pit spaces to enjoy the sunsets to both recreation pools and adult meditation pools with calming water features. These homes’ outdoor spaces provide the ultimate in leisure and a private escape from today’s world. 

Health and wellness

Health and wellness amenities are the ultimate luxuries in high-end homes today. In addition to fully outfitted gyms, yoga rooms and saunas, today’s affluent buyers are seeking a home that offers holistic wellness throughout. 

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Today, wellness is at the forefront of the design, function and location of the home. In addition to entire floors built for wellness, energy efficiency and elevated health are in demand like never before. Sought-after features include air and water purification, lighting quality and energy efficiency. The more green and health-focused the home, the better. 

One’s version of luxury and style may drastically vary from others. Although we all have our own design preferences and lifestyle choices, one thing is for sure: Technology, wellness and access to the outdoors are the most sought-after offerings in luxury homes today.

Mauricio Umansky is the founder and CEO of The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with him on Instagram.

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