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10 Of The Most Luxurious Log Cabins On The Market

While many of us still associate log cabins with cozy campfires and going off the grid, the modern-day reality is often much more luxurious — and expensive.

Since the pandemic began, there has been an influx of people wanting to make ski towns like Vail or Aspen their permanent residence. Prices went up as a result and, currently, a property in Aspen averages over $10 million.

While not all log cabins cost that much, the last year has seen an rise in the “luxurious cabin” — large wooden homes with views and plenty of amenities that have been extremely popular both as sales and rentals throughout the pandemic, often selling just days after being listed.

Aspen prices may be one end of a price extreme but cabins all over the country are quickly appreciating in price.

“If a trip into the great outdoors sounds awesome, but the reality of rusticity gives you pause, let us present 10 luxurious log cabins you can buy right now,” writes Becky Bracken for in a round-up of some of the most luxurious cabins in the country.

Check out these top cabins priced above $2 million below:

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